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From template selection, page and navigation creation, forms ... right through to design and how to get your website live with your own website domain.

With a bit of preparation, you can build a new website in hours.  

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Squarespace is our pick of the DIY website builders. It is easy to use, design-centric and SEO ready.

Squarespace is easy but it does have an initial learning curve that can see you losing hours trying to work out the basics. We want to save you time and leap-frog you to expert level, with our bite-sized video lessons on all the key things you need to become a pro on Squarespace. To try out the free trial, click through below and register.
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Save time. Save frustration. See fast results.

What will you learn?

Everything you need to get your website done and dusted and open for business online!

  • Setting up your account and help selecting the right template

  • Key tricks to working with the Squarespace blocks so you can start building your pages straight away

  • Get down to business straight up by creating your home page, followed by a content pages

  • Changing colours, fonts, style of your website to create the exact look and feel you want with your website

  • Inserting images, as gallery blocks, or just as part of your page. We make sure you can optimise them to look good without being too big to load quickly

  • Create the navigation as you want

  • How to get fancy with forms and inserting extra services such as an appointment service

  • Help working out what content you need and how to write good website copy so people want to stay and learn more about you

  • Apply SEO for best possible outcome for your site's search engine visibility

  • The all important process of making your website live for the world to see!!!

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Welcome to Learn Squarespace
    • A better website awaits
  • 2
    Getting started in Squarespace
    • Workbook: Getting started in Squarespace
    • i. Why use Squarespace?
    • ii. What you need to get started
    • iii. Your content is everything - planning your content
    • BONUS CONTENT : Creating great content for your website workbook
  • 3
    Squarespace step-by-step
    • Workbook: Squarespace step-by-step
    • What's in this session?
    • i. Intro to Squarespace step-by-step
    • ii. Navigating in Squarespace
    • iii. Selecting the right template
    • iv. Diving straight into your home page
    • v. Creating your first content page
    • vi. Everything that you need to know about images
    • vii. Creating a form
    • vii. Connecting Squarespace to MailChimp
    • viii. Designing your site to look and feel the way you want (applying your brand and styling)
    • x. Changing your website navigation
    • ix. Making sure your website will be found on search (applying SEO to your website)
    • xi. Extending your website with third party services with code blocks
    • xii. Things to do before going live
    • xiii. Going live
  • 4
    Level up
    • Get strategic with your online approach

Extra bonus

  • Getting your website content ready to go

    The best websites start with great content. Thinking about your content allows you to understand the navigation of your site, what actions you want people to take on the site, and functionality, forms etc you need. But where to start? We provide a super helpful added-bonus to help you think through - and write the best copy for your website.

Your Instructor, Kirri Romero

Digital strategist, educator and founder of The Online Fix

Kirri Romero is a digital strategist, educator, idea generator, adviser and believer in the power of digital. She has over 20 years experience working in all facets of online, in industries ranging from finance to education, food, fashion and health. Through her work with The Online Fix, Kirri teaches people how to craft and control online for their business to generate steady leads and reliable income.
Your Instructor, Kirri Romero


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