Course Description

This course will teach you the basics of how to use strategic paid advertising for your business - from knowing when it's worth your time and money, down to the fine detail of setting up your first ad on Facebook and Google.

What you will learn

  • The different types of online ads

  • When to pay for advertising

  • Strategies for targeting cold, warm and hot audiences

  • Understanding how advertising fits into your customers' digital journey

  • Strategies for developing the creative

  • How to calculate your return so you know if it's worth your while

  • Step-by-step setting up an ad on Facebook

  • Step-by-step setting up an ad on Google

Course curriculum

  • 1
    First up
    • What's covered in this module?
  • 2
    Getting Started with Online Advertising
    • Workbook: Getting started with Online Advertising
    • i. Online advertising - how to use It
    • ii. Strategies for online advertising
    • iii. Online advertising - examples
  • 3
    Advertising on Facebook
    • Workbook: Advertising on Facebook
    • i. Getting started with Facebook Ads
    • ii. Step-by-Step - Setting-up a Facebook Ad
  • 4
    Advertising on Google
    • Workbook: Advertising on Google
    • i. Getting started with Google ads
    • ii. Step-by-step - Setting-up a Google Ad

Your Instructor, Kirri Romero

Digital strategist, educator and founder of The Online Fix

Kirri Romero is a digital strategist, educator, idea generator, adviser and believer in the power of digital. She has over 20 years experience working in all facets of online, in industries ranging from finance to education, food, fashion and health. Through her work with The Online Fix, Kirri teaches people how to craft and control online for their business to generate steady leads and reliable income.
Your Instructor, Kirri Romero

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